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Letters to State Governors

Dear Class,

Thanks for taking the opportunity to write to your state governor about conservation issues in your park.  Since this is a formal letter that will be sent, some revisions are needed on your drafts.  Please review and revise your letters.  The ones I have are attached below.

IMPORTANT:  Save your letter as FinalYourName (ex:  FinalDenise’sLetter) in the MY DOCUMENTS folder.  Please leave a comment to let me know what computer your work is on.  Example:  Hi Ms. Castek, my letter is saved on computer 223. Please don’t forget this step.

Thanks for doing your best :)





















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Me and My Dog

I am a 5th grader and I have a great dog that I love a lot. Her name is Flash. My family wants to go on vacation and I know Flash would like to go too. I heard that lots of times what you read on the Internet isn’t true and I’m not sure about these places. They may just want our money.

We found these three places:

1. Dog Paddling Adventures
2. Dog Island
3. Camp Winnaribbun

Can you look at these sites and let me know:

· Which of these places is real?
· How you know if they are real or not?
· Why you think so?


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All About Sea Otters

We are 4th graders from Exmouth, Australia. We know that otters live in most areas of the world but they don’t live in Australia or Antarctica. We heard that the Monterey Bay Aquarium is working to protect sea otters. Google maps showed that the aquarium is in California about 136 miles from your school.

We want to find the sea otter interactive on the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s website.

Can you:
• find the sea otter interactive
• post the address of the sea otter interactive

• who made the interactive (we want to email a bunch of sea otter experts)
• are the maker’s experts, how do you know?

Thanks to you!

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How Many Otter Species are There?

We are 4th and 5th graders from Lincoln, Nebraska. We’ve been looking and looking but we don’t know for sure how many species of otters there are. Our teacher says that the sites we get information from should be made by experts. We found one website, but we’re not sure if we can trust this source.

Can you:

· Find out how many otter species there are?
· Find more than one site that gives the same number of species?
· Post the names and addresses of the sites where you found the number of species?
· Explain whether the sites you found are reliable (trustworthy) sources of information?


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Main Causes of Animal Endangerment

We are 4th & 5th graders at Edwards School in Vancouver, Canada. We are looking for a site we lost called “Endangered Animals around the World” and the BBC makes it.

Can you:
·  find this site
·  read the information about the eight animals AND
·  send us this site’s website address

· the main reasons why animals become endangered
· what kids can do to help

We’ll put your ideas on our website for other kids to read.

Thanks for your information!

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Exotic Pets Run Wild in Florida

I am a 4th grade teacher in Albuquerque, NM. My class and I just read an article in National Geographic Kids News about the dangers of keeping exotic animals as pets. You can find it at:
I had my students respond to a question I posted on our class blog.
Their ideas sparked lots of discussion from kids around the world.
Could you add your ideas too?

· First, read the National Geographic Kids News article
· Finally, write your own response that explains your opinions.

Refer back to facts in the article you read to make your arguments as
strong as possible. Be convincing, you can add facts from other
resources if you think they will help you make your point.
My students will read what you post. Thanks for helping us better
understand this issue so we can make good decisions.

Mrs. Anderson
4th grade teacher
Blackfoot Elementary School

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Template for National Parks Brochure


Attached you’ll find a template for our brochure project. We are using PowerPoint to do the layout of our text and graphics. The gray lines show where the brochure will be folded. There are two slides total, one for the front, and one for the back. There are eight panels total (they are numbered).

There are two panels that need specific information on them:

Panel 1: The Title Page with the Author information (see example)

Panel 4: Contact information, where you can go to find out more (see example)

An instruction sheet will be given out in class that explains how to use PowerPoint for layout. It is attached here for you to review.





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Connecticut Questions

The other day we wrote questions about what I need to learn before I move to Connecticut.  I looked at the questions and organized them a little bit.  There are now 15 categories.  For each category I listed the kinds of information you should find.  If you find more that applies to your category, great!  More is almost always better!

As you find the information for your category, please clip it into your Google notebook so you can keep track of it.  You will use your notebooks later to write a summary of what you found.

Location- Where is CT?  What’s around it?
Landforms- Mountains, valleys…
Bodies of water- Lakes, rivers, oceans…
Weather- In summer?  In winter?  Storms?
Economy- What are CT’s resources?
Activities- What is there to do in CT?
History- Who lived there first?  Then who moved in?  How long has it been a state?
Schools- Were is the University of CT, which is where I will be going to school?  What are the school colors?  Mascot?  History?
Animals- Are there any unusual animals in CT?
Plants- Are there any unusual plants in CT?
State symbols
Population- How many people live in CT?  What is the ethnic breakdown?
Government- Who runs CT?
Famous Landmarks- What should I make sure I see in CT?
Major Cities- What are the biggest cities in CT?  Where are they?



National Parks Project

You will be researching a National Park. We will work on these projects in class. Click national-park-brochure-project1.doc to get a full description.

To begin thinking about the project, please use these links to discover the many National Parks in the United States.


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