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What did you learn this week?

Please think about these questions and leave your answer in a comment:  What did you learn to do on the computer this week?  I’m NOT looking for what you learned about idioms or the human body.  I want to know: what did you learn to do on the computer?  Also, how did you learn it?  Did […]

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Check out these ex”cell”ent sites!

Explore these  interactive websites.  They will show you cells and help you learn about the cell’s parts. 1.  A Typical Animal Cell  interactive model of animal cell with a game at the end. 2.   Learn Genetics, University of Utah  3.  Menlo School, Animal Cell Page  4.  John K. “This is a […]

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Biography Questions

We are going to write biographies this week by reading books about a person and looking for information online. Before we begin to research, though, we need to know what we’re looking for. Please post 5 important questions that you think need to be answered in a biography about someone new. Keep in mind that […]

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Rub-a-dub-dub! Thanks for the Grub!

Digesting your food is an amazing (and messy) process.  Now that we’ve seen a movie about your digestive system, click on  at least three of the links below to learn more about how your body moves food through the system.  After learning, please post a step-by-step description of how digestion works (in your own classroom-appropriate […]


Hail to the Chief!

Presidents’ Day is coming up, and it’s a good time to learn about life as a President.  Click on the links below to learn about what life is like in the Oval Office. Be President for a Day- you have the chance to plan a day as President of the United States. Decorate the […]

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Computers in the Classroom

We have the opportunity to use laptops and Writers frequently in class.  Please post a comment answering these questions: Are computers helpful in class?  Can using the Internet help you learn more than using only books?  Do you think it’s important to learn how to use the computer, the Internet, and programs like Microsoft Word […]

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The hip bone’s connected to…

Your skeleton is an amazing structure.  Check out the links below to learn more. Mr. Bones- Assemble Mr. Bones! Facts about Broken Bones Your Skeletal System Then click on “Comments” to post three things you learned about the skeleton.  Make sure that you are posting comments in your own words, not copied […]

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The oxygen in the body goes round and round…

Want to see more about how the cardiovascular system works?  Check out these links! Simulation of cardiovascular system Habits of the Heart: The Lungs featuring lung animations and interactives Map of the Human Heart (with simple explanations) Diagram of Human Respiratory System Create a do it yourself Lung Model

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Have you got human body questions?

This week in class we’ve learned many new things about the human body.  What we learned has likely sparked many new questions.  Questions are great because they help guide our reading and thinking. Post your questions about the human body.  We’ll revisit them throughout the unit. Remember: 1. Click on comments 2. Enter your name […]

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Our Brain and Five Senses

Would you like to take a closer look at the brain? Follow this link, to look at the brain and what senses it controls up close  Pick one of these two sites and explore the sections about the senses. Kids Health NeuroScience for Kids Post something new that you learned, and tell […]

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