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Our Plans to Save the World

Today you are going to break into groups, not pairs, to closely look at several sites. These sites give suggestions for ways to help protect environment. Here are three sites your group might visit: 1. Action for Nature 2. Environmental Protection Agency Kids Site entitled We can Make a Difference 3. 50 Simple things you […]


You Can Make a Difference!

In honor of Earth Day, you are going to propose some ways to protect the environment here in our school and our neighborhoods. Use the sites that you found during the Earth Day Challenge, as well as sites you find on your own, to suggest ways you can make a difference for our environment. 1. […]


Antioch Curfew Info Challenge

In the newspaper I read that Antioch has passed a curfew. What is a curfew? Why did Antioch make a curfew? What time is the curfew? Who does the curfew affect? Do you think the curfew is a good idea? Why? Go online to research this topic.  If you find a site that tells you […]

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Information Challenge

I’ve heard on the radio that San Francisco has created a ban on large stores using plastic grocery bags. Is that true? Why did San Francisco create this ban? (You might want to make sure you know what “ban” means.) Do you think a ban on plastic bags will help protect the environment? Go online […]

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Become a vocabulary detective

When you read online you’ll run into many new vocabulary words. Learning new words is fun and important. It not only helps you to better understand ideas, but it also can help you better describe things in your own writing. Here are some things to pay attention to: Look for a glossary on the site, […]


Amend the Amendments!

Three questions for you to answer on your blog: 1) Of all of the amendments to the Constitution, which do you think is the most important? Why? 2) Is there an amendment that you would get rid of? Which one? Why? 3) Is there an amendment you think should be added? Why? Go to YOUR […]

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Earth Day Challenge

I was researching Earth Day and found conflicting information about the founder.  One site said it was created by John McConnell in 1970 and another site said it was created by Gaylord Nelson in  1970.  Can you find a final answer for this question?  Be prepared to tell how you searched and why you came […]


More Persuasive Writing

Here’s another example of persuasive writing. Teaching is a Great Job! By Theresa Nierlich Teaching is one of the best jobs around. One reason is that every day is an adventure. Another reason that teaching is great is that you get to learn something new every day. Lastly, teaching allows you time off to learn […]


The Constitution

Below are several sites that discuss the Constitution.  Which of these sites do you think will help us, as fourth and fifth grade students, understand what the Constitution says and what it means for our everyday life?  Why do you think the site you’ve chosen is a good one for our needs?  Why did you […]

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Joining the Government

Which branch of the government would you want to join- Executive, Legislative, or Judicial? Why? Give at least three reasons with clear explanations. Don’t think you have enough information to make a decision? GO FIND MORE- you’ve got the world in your hands. Not OK- I wanna be the Prez cuz it be cool. OK- […]

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